About Us

FreshyMart is an company by DGEra L.L.C. the company was founded in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 2020.

We offer an easy and simple grocery shopping and delivery service, currently available in Madinah only and soon will be expanding to major cities in the kingdom ,to make fresh and high quality products accessible to our customers at the lowest possible prices.


We would like to welcome you to FreshyMart and thank you for your interest in our service. We take pride in our reliable service to reach communities and families in Madinah and we are dedicated to make FreshyMart available to all major cities in Saudi Arabia in the near future.

There are a lot of reasons to choose FreshyMart as your favourite online grocery store. It’s simple and easy to have your groceries and fresh produce delivered from the farmer’s market and any store in your city to your home. We want to help our customers eat healthy and by improving the quality of fresh food, it can make a big impact on their health.

We love your family as we love our own therefore we priorities their health and well being when we shop for them. We were inspired to launch FreshyMart so we can promote healthy eating habits by increasing access to healthy food through farmer’s markets and local stores and encouraging families to make healthier food choices.

With love from FreshyMart team!

Our Mission

Our mission is to make healthy, fresh and tasty food accessible and affordable to families and communities in cities around Saudi while supporting the local market and the environment. Our main objective is to fulfill our commitment to communities and the environment by providing high quality products and outstanding service at the lowest possible price through working with highly skilled staff to guarantee deliveries are made on time and customer satisfaction.

Moreover, we care about our planet thus it is important for us to reduce our environmental footprint by limiting packaging and using eco-friendly sustainable carrier bags.

Our Vision

Our vision is to proudly be every households first choice when it comes to fresh, healthy and affordable produce “to simply help people become healthier”.

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